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Effect Force is the decentralized framework for the Future-of-Work. Over 10,000 people have earned the cryptocurrency $EFX. You can now work from anywhere at any time from any device. Simply create an Effect Account and sign into Effect Force to start your future today. From high quality translations to the very best in social media engagement to Machine Learning Training Data. There are many services available for you to tap into with ease.
With nearly 8 million tasks completed, we know our business. We proudly serve many clients worldwide, including young innovative startups and large global enterprises from a wide range of industries.
EFX is the cryptographic token that fuels the Effect Network. It offers developers and organizations a reliable option to build, monetize and power AI solutions. EFX can be earned or bought and can be used in a decentralized ecosystem of AI-related services.
Current Price:$0.00521
Market Cap:$1,075,765 (#1964)
Volume (24h):$60,197
Circulating Supply:206,668,526
Total Supply:650,000,000
All-Time High:$0.17836 (3/18/2021)
Last Update:Jun 07, 2023 02:01:38
More Info:CoinGecko
NFX represents the power to access the Effect DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) and give those members the ability to change the rules of The Effect Network. As The Effect Network scales and its overall economic and social activities grow so will the importance of participating in governing the Network.
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